Thursday, May 14, 2020

Special Treat: Stretchy Cats from Author/Illustrator Judy Schachner!

Judy Schachner, author and illustrator of the popular Skippyjon Jones series and more recently Stretchy McHandsome and Sarabella's Thinking Cap, has shared a very special video with us so that we may learn how to make our own stretchy cat...and learn a little bit about the artist's process!

A stretchy cat also makes a very nice puppet!  I'm sure Grabby Bunny would like to meet your stretchy cat or any puppet you make next week at the Grabby Greeting Meeting being planned next Thursday at 3!
Details to come!


  1. I enjoyed the stretchy cat because I like cats. My cat is stretchy too but it's more his tummy stretches to the floor. Alec K

    1. I agree because I love cats and also have more of a stretchy cat
      Toby Nelson

  2. I didn't like that she cut the cat in half. But, it was pretty cool to see. I want to try and make my own cat at home! Aubrey R.

  3. I like how this art is funny. The body reminds me of an accordion. I liked how it made me think about blending music and art! Amal I 201