Friday, May 15, 2020

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!  The only thing that improves a good book in one hand is a cookie in another!

In honor of this holiday, you can read an ebook of Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar by Bonnie Lass and Philemon Sturges here!  Big kids, please read to little kids, thank you!

This special day also gives me a chance to introduce you to one of my very favorite blogs on the internet, Jama's Alphabet Soup, which combines reading and eating and today features a beautiful baking poem, "Working in Flour" by Jeff Friedman. She also has a wonderful post about collecting cookie jars...the third grade did their hobby reports not so long ago, isn't collecting cookie jars an interesting hobby?  Enjoy!

Photograph by and provided by Jama Kim Rattigan


  1. Ah man, I should of told my mom it was cookie day so I could get an extra dessert

  2. nice! I should make that my hobby. but every time you get a cookie jar you fill it with cookies and eat it. just looking at it makes me on a sugar rush.

  3. I liked the rhyming in the story and I enjoyed the suspense looking for the culprit. I loved the old Western scene with the animals' costumes! Just by looking at those yummy cookies, I felt famished since I'm fasting! Amal I 201

  4. I like to make chocolate chip cookies with my Mom and they are my favorite! Michael M.