Monday, May 4, 2020

Library Thought for the Day Brought to Us by Shirley Temple

Today's library thought is brought to us by the late, great actress Shirley Temple!

"Optimistic" means hopeful and confident about the future.  I love this song about keeping cheerful when times are hard...but I'll love you even when you are sad!

Shirley Temple was a beloved movie star starting in the 1930's, the years following the Great Depression.  She was the youngest recipient of an Academy Award at age 6, can you imagine!  My favorite movies starring Shirley Temple are Heidi (based on the book by Johanna Spyri) and A Little Princess (based on the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett).  Movies are another way of telling stories.

Sometimes when we watch old movies, we see attitudes and people portrayed in ways that we don't find kind, true or appropriate now.  It's helpful to discuss history and how and why things change.  Things are changing right now!  You are part of history.  I wonder what will be different in the future because of our experiences this year?  I wonder what we will work hard to keep the same?  Lots to think about.  Meanwhile, pop some corn and cuddle up with a good old Shirley Temple movie on these rainy spring days! 

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  1. Lila H.- Shirley Temple was after the great depression, witch might be like Covid-19 b/c they both might cause a recession. I bet Shirley Temple cheered everybody up. Hiedi is one of my favorite books