Saturday, March 31, 2012


Congratulations to the first graders who are almost graduated from the library's Curious George College.  In order to graduate, children participate in a bit of a monkey-book marathon, featuring a comprehensive exploration of the work of H.A. and Margret Rey over the course of weeks.  Then, the children must write a dissertation, i.e., create their own Curious George story.   Curious George Slam Dunks at the Bulls Game, Curious George Goes Shopping, Curious George Sleeps Over, Curious George on the Moon, Curious George Grows a Garden, my, my, my, the kids came up with so many good ideas.  The upper graders were kind to oblige in taking dictation.  Thank you for your patience, big kids. I know it can get a bit bananas. 

Lots of new friends were made, and everyone did a wonderful job.  In the end, Curious George Gets a Medal...and so does the first grade!