Monday, November 7, 2016

Library Card Drive and New Public Library Coming Soon!

It is the expectation that all Stone students have a Chicago Public Library card.  This is important from the primary grades, when children should be checking out piles of picture books to support emergent literacy, to the middle school, where the nonfiction for research and dedicated homework help can help students rise to new academic echelons.  To that end, we are making it easy...through a partnership with Stone's local Northtown branch library, students who have never before had their own Chicago Public Library card can return a library card application to the school library on or before November 18th, and your school librarian will do the legwork for you...I'll deliver the applications to the library, and once processed, your child will receive his or her own Chicago Public Library card at school, usable at any Chicago Public Library location!  For a kid, this is the closest thing to having a credit card!  How exciting, and what an important step in creating a lifelong reader and learner!

Applications will be distributed to grades k-3, and available to students at all other grade levels by student request.  So sorry, if applications are turned in after November 18 or are incorrectly or incompletely filled out, you'll be on your own and will have to apply in person at your local public library. I'm sorry I don't know the exact date the cards will come in, it depends how many apply and when the library delivers...but I will post here when they do. Thanks again to the marvelous Mary Frueh, our branch children's librarian, for her support in this endeavor!

In other public library news, did you know that our community is slated to receive the first senior housing/public library combination in the country?  Read all about it here!  The goal is that the project will be completed by 2019. It's going to be kitty-corner from the northern edge of Warren Park on Western Avenue (where the old "Bingo City" tear-down used to be), within walking distance of the school for many of our Stone students.   This is big news!  It's the perfect time to "get carded" and make library visits part of every Stone family routine.

UPDATE:  Over one hundred Stone Students have new library cards on their way!  Cards will be distributed on Monday, December 19th. (so sorry, we had hoped to do it Friday but our wonderful holiday assembly required us to reschedule).  If you sent in an application, please look for the card in your child's backpack on that date.  Just in time for the wintery weather!  Cozy up to a good library book!