Friday, April 3, 2020

Facebook Live Stream Puppet Shows and Story Times!

It has come to my attention that automated overdue notices may be going out through Chicago Public Schools. You can ignore them. There is no need to come out and return the books.  Your children may keep any borrowed books through the crisis. There will be no penalty for returning books whenever school officially reopens.  The most important thing is to stay home and safe as possible.
If your child needs more to read (and who doesn't?) please visit the wealth of e-book resources and more here.

Now on to our regularly scheduled fun...

Have Facebook account, will travel around the country for sublime live stream story times!

I can't even tell you how excited I am to have discovered my own mentor, Andy Laties, along with the talented performer Rebecca Migdal giving regular puppet shows and story times with through the Book and Puppet independent bookstore in Pennsylvania on live stream!  Grabby and I are binging, and you will too!  Just try the hilarious "Three Little Pigs" for a sample by clicking here, and then check the the full schedule for regular performances of participatory virtual puppet shows and primary story times here, including puppet shows for grown-ups, because goodness knows they deserve some laughs, too.  There is a subscription option for this but also plenty of free events.

My other favorite free virtual story times happen at the Boston Public Library.  I personally love Ms. Laura with her colorful kaftans and fetching matching hair, and there are lots of librarians with musical talents as well.  The magic happens here.

You can watch a different CPS librarian host a story time every day by clicking here.

And if you like celebrity story times, there's always "Goodnight with Dolly" here!

Can you be a storyteller?  Can you read a book or make a puppet show for someone in your family? For a younger brother, sister or cousin? For your pet?  For an audience of toys? Of course you can.  Your turn!

Here's a link if you need to make a puppet friend to help you with your story time.  Grabby can't wait to meet your friend, and neither can I.

General Coronavirus info from your school library here!
Link to COVID-19 homeschool resources here!

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  1. I made my a girl puppet from scratch. I have fun made my own puppet but it turned out like a boy
    Ireena T
    Room 203