Monday, March 11, 2013


Oh, my goodness, it's that time of year again, time to spring forward into a lifetime of great reading thanks to the wonderful wonderful wonderful SHARE A STORY, SHAPE A FUTURE online campaign.  Parents, pour yourself some lovely hazelnut coffee (biscotti optional) and peruse these marvelous articles from experts and enthusiasts from all around the country waxing poetic about early literacy!  Click here for a free education on the subject.  What a great resource for parents and teachers!  I just love this annual initiative and its themes, and the clever use of the internet to bring together all different bloggers under the umbrella of learning.

Another favorite is the "10 for 10" initiative, I participated in 2011 under the theme "10 Picture Books We Couldn't Live Without" (click the "jog" on the left side for more book suggestions than you can shake a bookmark at), and this year's "10 for 10" focuses on nonfiction, just in time for Common Core, the new education standards that encourage reading about what's real! I might have to add my own list (better late than never), though I have already posted beaucoup nonfiction favorites in my roundup at The PlanetEsme Plan

So many books, so little time, or so they say...I say, let's make time for books! 

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