Thursday, March 14, 2013

Culturegrams for state and country research!

I notice many students are coming to the library looking for printed books to assist them with research for reports about states and countries.  In fact, for this kind of nonfiction that has information that changes regularly, databases and online resources are often far more current than books in the case of looking up this information, since libraries rarely update these expensive collections annually. 

Double-in-fact, Stone has subscription access to one of the most comprehensive and most crazy fun databases about states and countries!  CultureGrams will address all your homework and "armchair travel" needs.  A step-by-step "beeline"is always available in the library with all passwords (sorry, I'm not allowed to post them here), just grab one off the library desk and go to town (or country).  You'll be able to access CultureGrams from any computer at school or home. There is a "Kid's Edition" as well as a "World Edition" suitable for upper grade students, and both are very easy to navigate.  Absolutely everything you would find in an encyclopedia or single volume resource can be found here, and then some! At CultureGrams, you can listen to the national anthem of any nation, access maps and flags, cook a recipe, find famous and notable people from everywhere, look up sports teams, learn to say a few friendly words in a foreign language and so much more...I like to peruse this resource just for fun. I always learn something new and you will, too!

Whether you need to learn about a state or country, please ask for CULTUREGRAMS!

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