Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Curious George College dissertations

It's that time of year again: in spring, the primary library program turns to thoughts of the work of artists H.A. and Margret Rey.  Curious George College has 100% admission rate for kindergarten, and the free tuition can't be beat!  One of the culminating activities is the "dissertation," also known as a Curious George adventure written by our youngest scholars who have experienced weeks of literary monkey business.  Since some of the graduates-to-be read pictures instead of words, so how grateful we have been to the patient and cheerful upper graders for their help in taking dictation.  Multi-age activities are always so meaningful and memorable...what fun to wave to our new big-kid friends in the hall!  We look forward to reading aloud our finished and work after spring break.  We are learning about the difference between authors and illustrators, and in this project the children get a chance to try their hands at both.  The results are bananas!  Please come and check them out in the school library on Arts Night in April!

Until then, check out this great teamwork:

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  1. I adore our students...how scrumptious when the oldest collaborate with youngest...lovely in every way!