Sunday, October 20, 2019

Strike! Reading Recommendations

Hello, friends!  
Unfortunately, we are on strike!  
Fortunately, you lucky kids have more time to read! 

What should you read next?
If you did not have the opportunity to delight in the summer reading suggestions
click here for plenty of fabulous new page-turners arranged by genre, 
or here for classics by grade level!  
I have my own children's book blog with about a zillion recommendations at PlanetEsme, which usually features picture books and nonfiction!
And all that work we have done on databases, grades 4, 5 and 6,
you know to find reviews at KidsReads
and know how to access plenty of ebooks and audiobooks on SOAR's Virtual Library!  
Turn on the closed captioning feature of your television for even more exposure to print!  

Specially chosen for this occasion, here is a menu of a few new and classic chapter books and graphic novel favorites, delicious and highly recommended for down-time this week:

A super suspenseful and provocative sci-fi classic with a surprise ending.
We have the sequels in the school library when you get back!

A novel in verse, great for fans of Kwame Alexander and Sharon Creech! 

And speaking of the very popular Kwame Alexander, The Crossover is now available in graphic novel form!  (Don't worry, parents, graphic novels are "real reading"!) 

A lot of students were asking for seasonal graphic novel fun last week...
this should grant your wicked wish!

A doughnut machine gone terribly wrong.  That should be enough to entice any reader, but it's just one of many charming tales in this old-fashioned favorite.  Fun for city kids to read about small-town life!

A girl living in a lighthouse against the backdrop of WWII.  Historical fiction at its finest by a gifted author.  And didn't we love The Secret of Nightingale Wood!  This author has the chops.

A meaty and delicious graphic novel, loosely based on the exile of Queen Elizabeth I and full of allusions to British history.  

Excellent realistic fiction with a cast of likable and engaging characters.  A great group of friends to read about while waiting to be reunited with your real ones at school.  

More realistic fiction...a great book about taking a stand,
and plenty for us to talk about when you get back to school!

Kid who love R.J. Palacio's Wonder will love this story of a girl with cerebral palsy
who moves to a new town.

Exciting fantasy beautifully written, based on Chinese folklore. 
Any of the Newbery winners or honor books are great choices during the strike! 
How many can you read?
(We also have some pretty great Illinois Children's Choice award-winners out there to check out!)

And finally, this is not a library book but a great activity book with lots of accompanying YouTube videos, hours of invention and entertainment!

Is that ten?  Close.  The more the merrier.
I can't wait until we are back and can discuss all the wonderful books we read over the strike! 
These are just suggestions...this is a perfect time for you to visit the public library
and explore the books you like and exercise your free choice across all levels and genres!  
Use the library locator to find a public library near you!
And please don't forget to give your public children's librarian an extra big thank you, hug or chocolate chip cookie, because they are working extra hard during this strike time to serve you!

You know, I call myself your lucky librarian not only because I get to teach the best bookworms in all of Chicago, but because not every school has a library to worm around in!  Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to show support for school libraries all over the city, because all children deserve and benefit from a school library!

Happy reading, families!

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