Monday, February 15, 2016

Project-Based Learning in the Library: Author Studies

Sixth grade is one of the most scintillating years of the library curriculum because students make a dramatic transition from receiving information to organizing, creating and sharing information.  They are challenged to think deeply about the books they enjoy, making connections between the people behind the books and the works they create, making thoughtful comparisons and analyzing style, medium and the decisions of authors and illustrators. One of the cornerstone projects to meet these goals is the mighty author study, in which students share what they have learned about a book creator and inspire others to read.

Students are receiving blue folders containing all the information they need to create their own author study: rubrics, samples, website links and passwords for research.  We also viewed finished projects as concrete examples and we are having having guided research time and workshops in library. Of course, I am available for extra guidance in research and in choosing an author/illustrator.  You can support your 6th grader with a visit to the Chicago Public Library and by helping them acquire a display board and discussing the author/illustrator of his or her choosing.

Room 308's author studies are due no later than the last week of February, and 306 and 204 will be due no later than the last week of March (difference due to missed days in the schedule for holidays/field trips/special events that changed our pacing). These are multi-step cumulative research projects that require some time.  Students have been told not to wait until the last minute, as this project can't be done that way.

Check out these pictures of students at a workshop analyzing and identifying illustrator medium and style.  Some of them are real head-scratchers!  But at Stone, we welcome a challenge!  Our library philosophy is:  your question helps my answer, your art helps my art, your idea helps my idea, your story helps my story.

Follow-up:  Students shared what they learned about the real people behind favorite books, and inspired friends to read more and more!

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