Thursday, February 18, 2016

Super Awesome Amazing Trivia Show Coming to Stone!

Stone students in grades 2, 3 and 4 are going to be participating in a game show assembly based on the popular "Who Was?" biography series of books!  Children will be competing against Francis Faraway, "Smartest Person in the World."  Meet him here:

Any student who would like to purchase a copy of the book from the series for their home collection, please bring $6 per book to school on Wednesday, March 2!  What a great way to support the reading of nonfiction and the social studies curriculum!  Students can practice for the "competition" using the "Who Was" online trivia game,, or get the app free from iTunes this month by clicking here.  Big thanks to our beloved local independent bookseller, The Book Cellar, and our friends at Penguin Young Readers for making this very special event possible!

Just a few famous figures from the series who will be featured on this fun day:
King Tut
Rosa Parks
Helen Keller
Ann Frank
Barack Obama
Betsy Ross
Marie Curie
Clara Barton
Jane Goodall
Albert Einstein
Wright Brothers
William Shakespeare
Frederick Douglass
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Susan B. Anthony
Leonardo da Vinci
Thomas Jefferson
Jackie Robinson
Nelson Mandela
Neil Armstrong
Amelia Earhart

View the complete series here!  Happy reading!

Follow-up:  The children did lots of on-line research and were reading and sharing books in preparation for the event.  Special and heartfelt thanks to The Book Cellar and Penguin Young Readers for making books available and to the kind donor who made it possible to buy books for many classmates who did not have the resources to do so. When Frances Faraway arrived and the game show was underway, our Stone Bookworms were at the edges of their seats. In competition, it got down to the line but we beat Frances Faraway handily.  The cheering could be heard all the way up to the third floor!  We were awarded a certificate that stated Stone was the "Smartest School in the World."  But we're so smart...we could have told him that.

We win!  The crowd goes wild.

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