Thursday, February 6, 2014

Volcanic Activity in the 6th Grade

Kudos to the 6th graders who have been working so hard on researching Pompeii in conjunction with the studies in Mr. Westfall's class, striving to answer questions about public safety and what measures are in place to prevent a modern-day Pompeii.  This classroom/library collaboration was an excellent occasion to review search terms and strategies, relocate our Citation Station and revisit how to give credit where credit is due, and balance our findings to come up with conclusions that are supported by credible facts.  Plus, we were able to give our new Mac cart a workout, with two class periods dedicated to supported research time.  Our research was closely followed by the unfortunate current event of the eruption in Indonesia, and we wish the people in that region swift aid and healing.  We came to appreciate the gravity and necessity of the early warning and evacuation systems we were researching. We also discovered some pretty amazing images on featuring a sulfuric lava that burns bright blue. Nature continues to be a beautiful and mighty force to be explored here in the library.

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