Monday, February 3, 2014

No screaming in the library, unless...

...unless we have new books.  Then we can't help it.

We are especially pleased about the influx of high-interest nonfiction, including unsolved mysteries (Loch Ness, Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis and such); books about natural disasters (tsunamis, volcanic eruption, earthquakes and all variety of Mother Nature's drama); new pet care books and animal books (yes, flamingos and hedgehogs, kids who keep asking me for flamingos and hedgehogs!); views inside animal homes (bee hives to beaver lodges) and people homes (igloos to tepees); craft, special interest and drawing books (duct tape, paper airplanes, sign language cooking arts and fashion drawing); military history, vehicles and things that go boom, as well as lives of ninjas, samurais, knights and vikings; true mysteries to solve for science, math, animals and history; joke books and the complete set of Magic Tree House nonfiction research guides (heart be still).  Plus, we were able to obtain wildly popular graphic novels and comics such as Batman, Superman, Little Lulu, the Moomins and Donald Duck, a new emergent reader series featuring Katie Woo, great new young adult fantasy novels by Tamora Pierce and hilarious mysteries by Gordon Korman, and some much-needed fresh fun fiction for everyone. Many student requests have been filled!  Happy day!

Our collection was SO thirsty, and our Stone readers SO voracious, this influx of fresh material was SO very welcomed. They are flying off the shelves! A huge thank you to our administrative team Ms. Onofrio and Mr. Brandon for their support and green light, which makes all the difference; our kind book rep, Ms. Kubitz, who went geographically out of her way to ensure we got what we needed; our school secretary, Ms. Calderon, who did such a super job placing our order amidst the diabolically quirky CPS online systems that she should have her own cape and graphic novel series; and a special debt of gratitude to the dedicated and delightful 7th grade Junior Librarian team for helping to get these book piles processed lickety-split so nobody had to wait too long to start turning those pages. It takes a village to build a library...and to use it.   Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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