Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yes, Haunted/Autumn House Museum in the Library!

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The tradition continues, by popular demand...the Haunted House Museum in the school library!

Want to participate? Here's how:

Take a cardboard box and cut holes in it for windows.  Paint or otherwise completely cover the box with a seasonal color like orange, black, green or purple.  Decorate the outside of your house with ghosts, trick-or-treaters, rotting trees…use your imagination!   If you don’t celebrate Halloween, that’s fine!  We welcome fall houses and autumn scenes as well.  

Here are a few rules:

* No blood or gore or headless dolls, sorry!  We are celebrating imagination and folklore, not horror.

* Please do not attach any real food or leaves to your creation. This creates problems for people with allergies, and also attracts bugs (too scary even for Halloween).

* Please do not include or attach anything valuable to your creation.

* Yes, you can partner up with a friend or friends or family! Work should showcase student efforts.

* You can light it inside with a flashlight or battery-operated lights!

* You don’t have to make it a house.  It can be a haunted apartment building, or a haunted theater, or a haunted sports event, or a haunted pet shop, or a haunted fashion show, or a haunted toy factory or…whatever idea you have! Since we have been doing this for a few years now, we are looking to "up the ante" on creativity, and encouraging older kids to participate or help younger kids.

* Please ask for a grown-up’s help for cutting out windows or when using new or messy craft materials.

* This is not an assignment for a grade or for a contest.  This is extra credit, optional and for FUN! Everyone should just do their best, and know that working together, we make a great museum!

Haunted houses and fall houses are to be made at home.  They can be dropped off in the library any morning between October 21 and October 29.  Remember to put your name and room number on your monsterpiece! 

UPDATE 10/31:  Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year's haunted house museum! So very creative, and such great teamwork.  Next year, we may be thinking of a theme to inspire more grade levels to participate.  Your ideas are always welcome!  Here are just a few of the eerie abodes...and even a haunted Quidditch game!  Boo-tiful job, kids! 

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