Monday, January 22, 2018

Books for Breakfast?

It is a pleasure to work with RTI students in the school library!  Recently we enjoyed some nonfiction about one of Ms. Esme's favorite subjects, food!  Reading and eating are always a delicious combination, so to underscore some main ideas we made pancakes topped with real Vermont maple syrup and learned about the process of tapping trees.  The verdict:  Grade A Amber beats Log Cabin any day and it is worth the trouble of collecting 40 gallons of sap to boil down to make one gallon of real maple syrup!  Learning about where our food comes from and appreciating our connection to nature, even here in the city, is another advantage we can glean from reading. Hungry for more? Come check out our great selection of cookbooks (learn how to make a forest feast, an international meal or a perfect birthday cake!), books about the history of food (did you know carrots played a role in the Trojan War?), and books about the food chemistry and anatomy (cooking is a science, after all).

Ms. Esme visited Marshfield, Vermont and shared photos of the real sap lines
in the sugarbush!

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