Thursday, February 12, 2015

Third grade gets on the hobby horse!

It has been a delight to have the third grade share their hobby reports in honor of National Hobby Month. What a bevy of talented musicians, cooks, collectors, athletes and all-around-one-of-a-kind-kids! No matter how we spend our free time, the library has books and information to bolster our interests. The hobby reports will be used later to introduce the Dewey Decimal System, guiding us through the nonfiction section.

Other bigger assignments coming up in library: the 4th grade has a creative response project to culminate our Hans Christian Andersen unit. Children may turn it in as they finish, with February 20th being the last day it will be accepted. The 8th grade has a logo design assignment due in their media literacy notebooks, but time will be allotted in class to complete. The 5th grade will have a writing response to our award-winning serial read-aloud, The Wish Giver by Bill Brittain. Time and extra support will be allotted in class as well. The 6th grade will be starting their independent Author Studies around the corner in the spring, but fear not, a detailed rubric will be sent home, and we are meanwhile enjoying a full group analytical author study so the process is modeled.  Creativity plus critical thinking plus student support is our recipe for success in the library! 

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