Friday, April 12, 2013

Dragon eggs have been laid!

Well, the second grade dragon eggs certainly turned out nicely! Who knew our own library dragon, Dusty, was a girl?  (Some amphibians change gender, as we found out during our spring "It's Not Easy Being Green" fiction/nonfiction frog storytime, so really, who knows.)

In any event, we had a really good time imagining what kind of dragon would hatch out of each egg.  Some of the designs on the shells gave us clues. 

 And some of them already seem to be hatching.

Thanks to all the parents who helped to incubate.  And special congratulations to the three students who won the random drawing for participation; two garnering their very own hardcover copies of Dragonology by Ernest Drake, and then we had a bonus prize, a paperback copy of Raising Dragons by Jerdine Nolen, the book that inspired the project!  Reading is always so magical!  For the rest of the year, the eggs will be safe in their nest and on permanent view in the library. 

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