Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome, Ms. Crowley!

Well!  Of all the presents I received over holiday break, I think my favorite was the good news that I would be hosting a student teacher/librarian these winter months from UIUC!  I will allow her to introduce herself:

Hello! My name is Ms. Crowley, and I am very happy to be Ms. Esmé's student teacher until the end of February. I have spent the last few years working in public libraries, so I have read lots of great books for kids and teenagers that I am very excited to share with all of you. Outside of the library, I love to cook, eat, ice skate, and watch Star Wars. I have had so much fun sharing books about penguins and polar bears with the kindergarten and first grade classes - I think that cold places are very interesting. In fact, I applied to be a librarian at a research base in Antarctica! I didn't get the job, but luckily for me, that means I get to spend the next two months at Stone!

Indeed, I am so pleased that Ms. Crowley started out designing lessons from a place of personal interest, so that she can share her contagious enthusiasm with our students.  She has taught the primary children a perfectly marvelous Penguin March, and they have been learning all about the difference between the North and South Pole, the northern lights (aurora borealis), and fun facts about nonfictional penguins and polar bears (I did not know that polar bears are actually black and are covered with transparent fur that reflects the light, did you?!).  We have also been having an insanely fun time peeking in at the live PenguinCam at San Diego's SeaWorld, which, turns out, is better than cable.  Children have also enjoyed making penguin puppets with the help of Ms. Crowley's Famous Step-by-Step Directions, and enjoying silly stories (TACKY THE PENGUIN by Helen Lester being a special favorite). 

The days are short with you, Ms. Crowley, and not just because it is winter!  Welcome to Stone School Library! 

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