Friday, December 14, 2012

Grade 4-6 Book Swap on December 21st!

A bit of short notice, I'm afraid, but better late than never!  Please note that the following information was sent home to grades 4-6, to ensure a very merry way of having great books to read over winter break!  If this is successful, we will explore including other grade levels in upcoming years.  This activity is optional.  Any books that are not chosen in the swap will be offered to teachers for their classroom libraries, and the rest will go to charity. 
Bring in up to five books that you don’t want anymore, that you imagine another kid would enjoy!  A chapter book, picture book or some nonfiction you’ve finished or outgrown…

Get your parent or guardian’s permission to contribute the book to the swap.  Please make sure it’s one you want to donate, and won’t need back.  In the immortal words of a wise child, “no trade-backs, no nothing-backs.”

For each book you donate up to five books, you will receive a special library “dollar” to spend at the book swap on the last day of school before break! So sorry, this event is one day only.  If you are absent, dollars will be forfeited.

Bring in your book swap donations at the start or end of the school day any day before December 21st!


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