Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Haunted House/Autumn House Museum!

One hundred and twenty-seven students (to date), across all grade levels, have participated in our second annual Haunted House-Autumn House Museum! Students were invited to make their own haunted or autumnally-themed house (or apartment building or beauty shop or school store or sports stadium or theater or bakery or what-all) and bring it for display in the library. The only limitations were no blood, no decapitations, and no valuables or real food attached (cockroaches are too scary, even for Halloween). Children were welcome to work with friends, or to approach it as a family project, and the project could be modified as needed to respect the faith backgrounds of all. The children's imaginations took the lead! I am so proud of the resourceful use of items from around the house, and for the sense of humor that would have done the Addams Family proud; I had a good laugh, morbid as it may be, at the graveyard filled with the names of favorite authors of illustrators! Of course, R.'s "haunted library" diorama has permanent residence with us (thanks, R.!)...we like a good ghost story all year round, so it will always be seasonal. I am so pleased with the feeling of pride the children have shown when dropping off their original creations, the satisfaction that comes from making something truly all your own.  Kudos and many, many thanks to all participants and their supporters, you truly did a boo-tiful job!

Ms. Demonte inspired me as I was thinking of mixing it up a bit next year, as variety is the spice of life and we hope to encourage more older children to participate. Pumpkins, anyone?

Please pick up all houses (we will be sending home the smaller ones) on October 31st. Thank you!

And if you're looking for great Halloween reads, or want to check out some of the spooky folklore we are sharing in storytimes, please click here!

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