Wish Lists

New book wish list!   New books are a great way to commemorate special occasions like a birthday, a new sibling, a good grade or a goal met, etc.  Each book donated to the library will have a permanent bookplate inserted with the donor's name.  The gift that keeps on giving!  Book wish lists appear occasionally on our Stone Bookworms home page and also available at Amazon.com. Our school library wish list may be found by searching "Stone Academy" under "find a wish list" on the right-hand side of the screen. We have a "K-4 Celebration Donation" list as well as a "5-8 Celebration Donation" list.

Though Amazon.com may be convenient, if you wish to donate a book you see on the list, you certainly don't have to purchase it through Amazon.com.  One of our closest independent booksellers is The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square, and they have been very kind to our school through the years.

In addition to books from our wishlist, we also welcome...

Parent volunteers!  We especially welcome parent guest readers from kindergarten and first grade classes, and are looking for a few parents to help on a regular schedule with things like shelving, book processing, bulletin board preparation and craft preparation.  It's not so glamorous, but deeply appreciated.  If you would like to volunteer, you will be put in touch with our library's room parent to schedule you for training and volunteer time.  Thank you!

Current year of The Guinness Book of World Records (Can never have enough copies...we always have a waiting list!)

Craft supplies!  Clear contact paper, single hole punches, small scissors, glue sticks and juicy markers always in demand. We also love empty toilet paper tubes and clean baby food jars!

Drawing books, spooky stories, joke books and kids' cookbooks!  (Always popular!)

Graphic novels and comics!  (Also always popular!)

The newest releases of any popular series books!  (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Heroes of Olympus, Captain Underpants, etc.)

Gift certificates to Michael's or Target for supplies for primary craft projects and other necessary consumable materials!
Amazon.com, Half-Price Books and Book Cellar gift certificates are also greatly appreciated!

Newly released hardcover seasonal books!   Holiday books are always in high demand by both teachers and students.

High-school bound books!  Classics by authors like Dickens, Alcott, Bradbury, the Brontes, Wright, Salinger...what's your favorite from higher ed? Cleaning out the shelves of a college-bound sibling?  Our ravenous readers are hungry for a high school jump-start.

Cut flowers!  They make the library so much more welcoming.  The more the merrier.  

Want to donate used books? We are happy to consider your used books for inclusion in our school library.  However, book processing for the library can be expensive, and not all books are appropriate for our library's collection development (for instance, we usually can't really use paperbacks because they don't hold well up in circulation).  When a book is not right for the school library, we are happy to share with appropriate classroom libraries, and books that are still not for us go to charities (Project Books is our favorite).  Thank you for thinking of us and sharing your love of books!